Darvaza (Gate to Hell)
It is 90 km from the village Erbent. The diameter of the crater is about 60 meters, the depth of about 20 meters.
Where ‘Great Game’ spies and explorers once ventured
Tajikistan's awesomely dramatic highland landscapes are now testing playgrounds for hardy climbers, trekkers and adventure travellers. Nascent rural homestay programs mean you might stay in timelessly photogenic rural villages hosted by gold-toothed, white-bearded patriarchs in iridescent joma robes.
Visit Uzbekistan
A tour of Uzbekistan will reveal a truly alien land filled with colour, culture, caravanserais and beautiful blue minarets and mausoleums. It’s an ethnic and cultural melting pot with ancient roots and many stories and secrets to share.
“Kazakhstan – Land of the Great STEPPE”
There are a lot of things to see and do in Kazakhstan, so sometimes it is hard to decide what to do and where to go while you’re visiting.
A glance of Persia
Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan are the three important historical and cultural cities of Iran. The main historical monuments are located inside these cities or in their surroundings.
Explore Kyrgyzstan
An important country along the ancient Silk Road route is Kyrgyzstan, which is a gateway to the Mediterranean from China. The prominent Tian Shan mountains form a major part of the country's skyline, and they are home to many wild animals like snow leopards and lynx.

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